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Welcome to the retail website of Eagleridge Greenhouse Gardens, producers of endangered heirloom seeds since 1995. Our specialty selections include tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and flowers suited for northern and temperate climates.

We practice organic gardening methods, use raised beds, water saving techniques and companion planting. Our designs attract beneficial insects and are  living examples of  the amazing diversity possible growing heirloom plants.

We wish to share the stories of our collections with you. We are promoting working with Nature to inspire passionate gardeners everywhere to become seed custodians by learning the art of seed saving and  growing nutritious food.


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The new additions for 2016 are now posted. Look for our much expanded category Endangered Seeds for many new tomatoeshot and sweet peppersshallots and vegetables. Part of the work of our seed farm is preservation of plants from around the world. This season, we are offering smaller packets of these special seeds to ensure availability. Many are rarely found elsewhere. Your purchase supports our continued preservation efforts. Visit our Site Map under Customer Service to view our complete seed list at a glance or download the full list here"PDF-Download full product list". See the Store menu for our info sheet - Seeding for Success - and our secrets for Growing Heirloom Tomatoes.

Our Greens and Lettuce Mixes are now offered as double packets for $4.00


Our new seed collection for 2016 is called Helping the Bees.


We are proud to support the Safe Seed Program and have signed the Safe Seed Pledge .

See the Store menu for information about the Heirloom Tomato Plant Program. Check the Blog menu for links to TV videos about our heirloom tomato collection. We invite you to sign up for email updates about this site at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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